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WikiSuite: ClearOS apps for Tiki, Elasticsearch & Kibana, Syncthing, Openfire and Kimchi. And a two-factor authentication app

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Ironically, we don't yet have a Tiki app for ClearOS. The Tiki use
case is more tricky than the others.

Please see: "Creating a ClearOS app for Tiki, TRIM Revamp, RPMs,
Composer: How to manage many Tikis?"

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 11:50 AM, Marc Laporte <marc@marclaporte.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> Tiki has various levels of integration with the following apps:
> * Deep: Elasticsearch: https://doc.tiki.org/Elasticsearch
> * New: Openfire realtime collaboration server (XMPP + WebRTC) (via new
> ConverseJS integration in Tiki17)
> * Planned: Kibana (Dashboards from Elasticsearch data) and Syncthing (File sync)
> On their own, these apps can be tricky to install in a secure way. For example:
> * Syncthing is first and foremost a peer-to-peer app which is designed
> to be ran on various clients, and not on a server.
> * Elasticsearch and Kibana don't have built-in security tools, and
> rely on external tools for access control, etc.
> * Openfire has a lot of server settings (SSL, SRV records, etc.)
> Thus, we have created some GUI "apps" for ClearOS. They are now in the
> testing phase and installed by command line, but once we feel ready,
> they will become 1-click apps in the ClearOS marketplace (which has
> about 100 such apps)
> https://www.clearos.com/products/purchase/clearos-marketplace-apps#cloud
> So these apps make it much easier to install, provide security
> features (which is a strength of ClearOS) and management tools (ex.:
> Adminer for Elasticsearch)
> * http://wikisuite.org/How-to-install-Elasticsearch-on-ClearOS
> * http://wikisuite.org/How-to-install-Kibana-on-ClearOS
> * http://wikisuite.org/How-to-install-Syncthing-on-ClearOS
> * http://wikisuite.org/How-to-install-Openfire-Meetings-on-ClearOS
> There is no interoperability planned with Tiki, but we also created a
> ClearOS app for Kimchi (Virtualization)
> http://wikisuite.org/How-to-install-Kimchi-on-ClearOS
> And, we created a two-factor authentication for ClearOS:
> http://wikisuite.org/How-to-install-Two-Factor-Authentication-for-ClearOS
> This now protects the ClearOS admin panel, and will be progressively
> ported to all the apps. So for example, for logging into your
> Syncthing administration interface. This will be ported to Tiki as
> well.
> Best regards,
> --
> Marc Laporte
> http://WikiSuite.org
> http://PluginProblems.com
> http://Avan.Tech

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