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dev.to encoding issue

Hi Brendan,

>De : Brendan Ferguson mailto:drsassafras@gmail.com
>Envoyé : 7 février 2018 13:25
>À : Tiki developers <tikiwiki-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>
>Objet : Tiki-devel dev.to encoding issue
>There is often hundreds of PHP warning on dev.tiki.org that look like: ERROR (E_WARNING): html_entity_decode(): charset `<' not supported, assuming utf-8
>eg. https://dev.tiki.org/item3680
>The errors differ from page to page, the charset '<' is often different. Seems random? My local tiki is fine. dev.to tiki-check reports that the ini settings are set to utf-8…. Seems fine.
>I guess the question is, is this a Tiki issue or a server misconfiguration?

Hard to say, do we even know *which* call to html_entity_decode() triggers that? Is the encoding specified by a caller or default?
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