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Congrat' to the release new team

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Thanks B, yes i'm also really impressed by Asa and Roberto taking over the release process, i hadn't intended to be quite so remote on these ones but just got overloaded with client work and life in general in recent weeks... so bravo them!

And thanks Bernard for all your work on Tiki releases and meetings over many years, and thanks for taking on "animating and feeding" the community, with information, enthusiasm and occasionally actual food at TikiFests i expect! Probably as important as actually doing the releases is telling people about them!

To that end, as no one's reported anything nasty in the recent releases i'll update the notifier files, update W to C <https://dev.tiki.org/Where-to-commit>, but leave the announcements to you and others!

But first some more meetings ;)


> On 12 Mar 2018, at 08:03, Bernard Sfez <me@bsfez.com> wrote:
> Hello Tikiers,
> After years and so many versions (OMG!) working hand in hand with Jonny as Release Coordinator I'm leaving this role in the mighty hand of Asa. ;)
> I had great pleasure taking care of this task. It helped me in many many way professionally and my personal life.
> But I and this role really needed fresh change and so it is done.
> Don't worry, I'll continue to animate and feed the community with my bad jokes (and food on Tikifest :-D) as I'm not going very far but changing role and my Tiki activities.
> I would like to specially thanks Jonny that was with me and kindly assisting (and more) all this time.
> Really wonderful collaboration with patience for every "him again" goofing moves. :-D :-D :-D
> Have you all a new and refreshing day,
> Bernard

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