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Nested List and ListExecute

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Hi fellow Tikiers,

I'm trying to update a tracker's field with some information from a wiki
page. I want to sweep every wiki page, and for each one of them, see if I
have a corresponding item in the tracker, and then update a field in that
item. Please see below what I'm trying to use, a LIST that uses a .TPL that
has a LISTEXECUTE in it. However the action in the ListExecute doesn't seem
to work, as the field documentowners2TestField remains blank after running
the LIST. Any help is welcome, even if just to tell me that this setup
won't work (why?). As a bonus question I'd like to know why this LIST below
lists only 25 pages from a site that has many more.

1) The LIST:


\{filter type="wiki page"\}
\{output template="update_tracker_8.tpl")\}

2) The TPL:
\{foreach $results as $result\}
WIKI PAGE TITLE:\{$result.title\}<BR>
\{wikiplugin _name=listexecute\}
\{filter type=trackeritem\}
\{filter field="tracker_id" exact=8\}
{filter field="tracker_field_documentowners2DocumentPage"
\{OUTPUT()\} {display name="tracker_field_documentowners2DocumentPage"
\{ACTION(name="updateTracker8" group="Registered")\}
{step action="tracker_item_modify" field="documentowners2TestField"


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