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"No results for query." can display astray on https://dev.tiki.org/Wishlist-Search-Page

>De : Marc Laporte mailto:marc@marclaporte.com
>Envoyé : 11 octobre 2018 21:41
>I just opened permissions:

Thanks Marc
Unfortunately my attempt to reproduce locally failed. On my Tiki 18, I am getting a well-working form with a Status select multiple field, but there is an AJAX request on load and then "Array" is displayed to the right of the Subject field, with the following code (which I am sure is wrong, since I know approximately nothing about LIST):
\{CUSTOMSEARCH(wiki="Wishlist Search Page Tpl" autosearchdelay="500" searchfadediv="customsearch_0_results" recalllastsearch="0" searchonload="0" requireinput="0" customsearchjs="1")\}
\{list max="20"\}
\{filter field="tracker_id" content="3"\}
\{sort mode="modification_date_desc"\}
\{column sort="tracker_status" label="" field="status" mode=raw\}
\{column sort="title" label="Subject" field="subject" mode=raw\}
\{FORMAT(name="status")}{display name=tracker_status format="trackerrender"}{FORMAT\}
\{FORMAT(name="subject")}{display name=tracker_field_subject format="trackerrender"}{FORMAT\}

So regarding the issue, it does not affect my Firefox. Also, it's quite subtle - I see the problem at 110% zoom, but not at 125% (nor at any larger zoom it seems). There is also overlap at 90% and 67%, but not at 50%, 75% or 80%.

>On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 3:52 PM, Cloutier, Philippe (DGARI-Consultant) <Philippe.Cloutier.externe@mern-mffp.gouv.qc.ca> wrote:

>> Hi,
>> If I get no results on https://dev.tiki.org/Wishlist+Search+Page the message "No results for query." displays at the bottom. But if I use Google Chrome 69 with 110% zoom, this message displays to the right of the form, overlapping with the right module column, instead of below, as can be seen in the attached screenshot. I can't reproduce this with Firefox.
>> Something seems to be wrong in the DOM, but I can't find what. I
>> wanted to reproduce locally, but I have no permission to view the
>> source of https://dev.tiki.org/Wishlist+Search+Page%20Tpl

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