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Buggy cookie consent prompts on tiki.org

Ah, someone must have set cookie_consent_alert to an empty string hoping that would disable it, indeed.

>De : luciash mailto:luci@tiki.org
>Envoyé : 6 décembre 2018 06:46
>Ah, you mean the different text! Sorry, confused it with the JS alert box text.
>On 06.12.2018 7:59, luciash wrote:
>> Sadly this did not work 100% times in every browser if you leave it
>> empty. It just showed the empty JS alert/dialog 4 times with OK button
>> as Chealer complained before...
>> luci
>> On 05.12.2018 19:06, Jonny Bradley wrote:
>>> The checkbox is optional, if you clear the text from the
>>> cookie_consent_question pref ("Cookie consent question") then you
>>> just get the "continue" or whatever button.
>>> As the help text there says:
>>>> Specific question next to the checkbox for agreement. Leave empty to
>>>> not display a checkbox.
>>> Re the "can't click on anything without cookie consent - this must be
>>> a regression or browser weirdness, the only thing i think that should
>>> be prevented is logging in... which is exactly what happens on my
>>> local 19.x - everything's ok until i click on the password in the
>>> login popup.
>>> Maybe there's a config error or some borken javascript on tiki.org?
>>> jonny
>>> p.s. Re the checkbox legality, i believe that in the initial drafts
>>> and implementation of the law (in the UK anyway) said specifically
>>> that users has to acknowledge consent and then click continue, but i
>>> think most people thought that was nonsense so it was diluted,
>>> perhaps only in usage if not the strict letter of the law.
>>> p.p.s. I did see an option on a site recently that offered the choice
>>> of only bothering EU located users with this rubbish, which i thought
>>> was a nice touch, but we'd need a F/LOSS IP to country lookup service
>>> for that.
>>>> On 5 Dec 2018, at 16:37, Gary Cunningham-Lee
>>>> <gary_c@cunningham-lee.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> +1 to getting rid of the checkbox and having a simple statement that
>>>> using the site means agreeing to the use of cookies, and maybe this
>>>> is where the link to the privacy policy should be. I agree with
>>>> Torsten that the simple cookie-use statement is almost always used
>>>> rather than a checkbox.
>>>> — Gary
>>>> On 12/6/2018 1:12 AM, Torsten Fabricius wrote:
>>>>> Hi @all,
>>>>> is the tick-box necessary at all, I mean by law?
>>>>> The cookie consents are growing all over the place and nearly
>>>>> nowhere they are with tickbox.
>>>>> Maybe we could make the double-consent at least optional?
>>>>> Is it possible in Tiki to use the website non-logged-in without
>>>>> consent and thus not use the data tracking codes like Piwik/Matomo
>>>>> etcetera?
>>>>> Afaik from GDPR it is less necessary to ask for a double consent
>>>>> (tickbox+Ok instead only Ok), but much more necesary to let people
>>>>> use the site without data-tracking instead of forcing them to
>>>>> accept or to leave.
>>>>> Just some unformed thoughts to cookie cosent.
>>>>> What's your opinion?
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Torsten
>>>>> On 12/5/18 5:04 PM, Cloutier, Philippe (DGARI-Consultant) wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>> De : Cloutier, Philippe (DGARI-Consultant) Envoyé : 1 mars 2018
>>>>>>> 10:54
>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>> On https://tiki.org/tiki-index.php I see this box at the top:
>>>>>>> This site would like to place cookies on your computer to help us
>>>>>>> make it better. To find out more about the cookies, see our
>>>>>>> Privacy Policy. Be also aware that upon registering the data you
>>>>>>> entered will be saved on our server. If you do not want this, do
>>>>>>> not register.
>>>>>>> I accept cookies from this site.
>>>>>>> If I click anywhere other than on the checkbox (for example, on "
>>>>>>> I accept cookies from this site."), I get a JavaScript alert
>>>>>>> which reads "Sorry, cookie consent required". The only button
>>>>>>> offered is "OK", and clicking it only brings the same alert
>>>>>>> again, until "OK" is clicked for a fourth time.
>>>>>>> This could cause the site to appear (largely) unusable to less
>>>>>>> obstinate users (as well as more obstinate users who actually do
>>>>>>> not want cookies). In any case, the site is excessively painful
>>>>>>> to use if one does not agree to cookies.
>>>>>> It appears this has finally been fixed. Nevertheless, I just
>>>>>> watched a colleague click the Continue button trying to get rid of
>>>>>> that without having checked the checkbox. In that scenario, the
>>>>>> remark box disappears, but the site keeps complaining about cookie
>>>>>> consent. So there's still a bug. Perhaps the Continue button can
>>>>>> be disabled. Or could we save visitors a click and just have an "I
>>>>>> accept" button?

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