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console.php broken in 19+ (was: Fatal error compiling SCSS in branch19)

Thanks for reporting Gary,

>De : gary_c at cunningham-lee.com mailto:gary_c@cunningham-lee.com
>Envoyé : 10 février 2019 06:20
>Is anyone else having a problem compiling stylesheets currently? I svn-upped and ran setup.sh to be sure everything's up to date. Trying to compile yeti, for example, I get this error:
>C:\...>php console.php scss:compile yeti PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'TikiLib' not found in
>Stack trace:
>#0 C:...\vendor_bundled\vendor\symfony\console\Command\Command.php(255):
>#1 C:...\vendor_bundled\vendor\symfony\console\Application.php(953):
>#2 C:...\vendor_bundled\vendor\symfony\console\Application.php(248):
>Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Input\ArgvInput), Object( in C:...\lib\core\Tiki\Command\ScssCompileCommand.php on line 77

I didn't try this command but all console.php seems broken when the database is outdated. I flagged the problematic commits on tikiwiki-cvs. You can revert r69007 (r69008 on trunk) until this is fixed.

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