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Hi all

In response to a bug report from Jean-Marc, where he couldn't use the console database update command because the database was out of date so tiki-setup.php wouldn't run, i removed that from the console if an update was required.

Chealer then pointed out that the cache:clear command didn't work any more following that (when an update was required) which is a simple enough fix (r69061) but there are quite a lot of commands that now seem to be available when an update is required, and most of them really need a properly working tiki to run i think - i guess we should restrict more of them to be unavailable when an update is needed...

These ones are currently not working and should be unavailable when update is required:

  • backup:files
  • cache:generate
  • plugin:approve
  • plugin:list
  • plugin:refresh
  • profile:baseline
  • scss:compile

and these ones seem to run ok and would be useful sometimes before updating:

  • cache:clear
  • database:backup
  • multitiki:list
  • multitiki:move

So i'm proposing to make those first ones unavailable when your database needs updating - does that sound ok? (it will need backporting to 19.x too)

The alternative is to roll-back the dependency on tiki-setup for database update and you'll have to use the web installer to do an update in some cases...

Vote now! ;)


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