Tiki 13.0 Beta Release

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Hi Team,
The new tabs in the Article looks great.
However, in the image section, own image overlaps-when you want to edit.

The Float text around image has issues, its not controllable and is forcing itself on the image

I tried just using the image with no text in the intro section, this always worked in previous tikiwiki versions-

the image still managed to pull text from the main section.

Thanks for the new look, and keep up with the great work.

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I've tried testing all the bootstrap themes in the directory and bootstrap default on kindle fire hd tablet and galaxy nexus tablet.
I can say not good-the right side bar content, moves to right bottom.

What I can also report, previous tikiwiki versions display fine-I found them to be stable like google blogspot themes.

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Hi joramedia,

thank you for the feedback. Quite a while ago, that you posted here and you got no answer. Sorry about that.

Are you still testing, doing an upgrade?

You could upgrade to the latest build or svn up to the last version of Tiki 13.

For direct feedback and contact to the Bootstrap integrators I recommend to subscribe to the Tiki artwork-list on sourceforge, which you finde here: