Problem with sort in articles plugin

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I'm using articles plugin for joining my articles into one wiki page, but i noticed, that param "sort" is not working with many options, that are given in documentation here. For example i need to sort articles by subtitle or topline, but sadly, thay are not working. Anyone had that problem?
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Hi Polak149,

on the doc page I see:

sort String(columnName_asc or columnName_desc where columnName is a column name (list of main valid column names: created, author, title, publishDate, expireDate, articleId, topline, subtitle, lang, authorName, topicId, topicName, state, size, useImage, image_name, image_caption, image_type, image_size, image_x, image_y, list_image_x, list_image_y, nbreads, votes, points, type, rating, ispublished ) or random sort on column asc or desc

So if you have your wikiplugin setup right, it seems to be a regression or a bug.

Could you please be so kind and file a bugreport on http://dev.tiki.org and then inside the bugreport reproduce the bug in a show.tiki.org instance.

Last then link to the bugreport from here.


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