[BUG] Problem with logs

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I am using Tiki v13 connected to LDAP

  1. I logged in with testeinternet (new user from AD), and the Tiki user was successfully created after LDAP import.
  2. I logged in with admin(tiki user)
  3. added testeinternet to LAB group (here is the error the user that was logged for this action was testeinternet and not admin, as you can see in log id 685)

Logs from Action Logs

686 login 17:03 admin logged out Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT...
685 admingroups 17:03 testeinternet added testeinternet to LAB Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT...
684 admingroups 17:03 admin created group LAB Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT...
683 login 17:02 admin logged from http://localhost/tiki/tiki-index.php Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT...
682 login 17:02 testeinternet logged out Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT...
681 login 17:02 testeinternet logged from http://localhost/tiki/tiki-index.php Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT...

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btw, since this is clearly a bug is this the place where I should post it? or is there somewhere else?
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Hi cr0vax,

I am not working with LDAP (whilst I might one day). So I cannot help right now, but I recommend to file a bugreport at http://dev.tiki.org and link to it from here.

I cross fingers, that you get quick help ... are you stuck in a dev-project or are having problems in a running productive environment?

When you go to the IRC chat, you do not have a guarantee, but some quite good chance to get one or another developer to give you a hint or to point you to a better position ... just do not leave the chat after only few minutes, as some people do, but stay connected. Maybe you get an answer after one or more hours, when one of us has been away from the keyboard, but keeping the client online.

Data for IRC here: http://tiki.org/Connecting+To+IRC

in short: freenode / #tikiwiki


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first of all thank you for your answer

sorry about my late answer, but I was on vacation and didn't realize your reply

This is a dev project and the BUG itself isn't a reason to not continue, but is a bad BUG since it might get administrators wrong about the users that made some action, like adding users to a certain group (in my example).

I will post as you said, and hope that the BUG could be fixed :-)