Adding tables, custom php scripts, ...

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I'm looking at https://github.com/scrollmapper/bible_databases
This set of scripts adds public domain Christian bibles, search scripts, and several useful functions.

I guess I have 2 scenarios.

  • I only figure it out for my site.
    • Proof of concept, testing, adding even more functions etc.
  • I create a way for anyone to add it to their site?
    • Not even sure what to ask here...
      • Would it be a module?, plugin?, perspective? something else? (Yes, I'm that new to trying to figure out how tiki works. I've been using Tiki for a few years, but have just recently started really looking under the hood to figure out how things work.)

There are 2 sql files to add the tables.

  • bible-mysql.sql
    • Includes complete text from 7 versions of the bible.
  • cross_references-mysql.sql
    • Includes 343,000 cross references

I'm assuming the best way would be to add this through phpmyadmin?

Then there are 2 scripts for the basic functionality.
The first script index.php passes parameters through the URL.
The second script bible_to_sql.php has the functions to interact with the database.

I do not think this could be done with trackers.

  • Well probably the cross reference could be.

The "database" is also available as csv, json and xml files...

I'm not at all asking for someone to do this for me. I want to use it as a learning experience.
Thanks in advance for anyone who can point me in the right direction...

  • I had something similar setup on my site 10 or 15 years ago using Miva, if anyone remembers that program... I wrote it from scratch, including the script to put the bible into the database, so I can do stuff like this...

But, where do I start??? eek

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About point https://dev.tiki.org/Hello+World#To_introduce_a_new_permission" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">16 of this Hello world page ,
would be nice if we could add permission without edit core lib of tiki.

The function get_raw_permissions of usersLib could be just protected instead of private.

If can override this function from another class, its easy to add an addon (why Hello world dont mentios the addons feature of tiki for customize tiki ??? ) that redefine the userlib to the new class..

I would added a "make a wish" if I could sign in dev.tiki.org but i recieve "XMLRPC Error: 2 - Invalid return payload: enable debugging to examine incoming payload" every time that i try to login.

However, Tiki Developers, please, set get_raw_permissions to protected instead of private, so we can override the function, and add permissions withoud edit core lib of tiki. Thanks!!

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Sorry, i still receive error :

XMLRPC Error: 2 - Invalid return payload: enable debugging to examine incoming payload

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I am logged in.
And I cleared cache.
Are you double positively sure that you not misstyped user or password?


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I just logged in fresh on dev ok with a test registered user account (non-admin) and have checked your user record and all looks normal to me, shame that error message is so generic, but that's usually what we get when there's a connection problem on tiki.org...

Maybe you were just unlucky twice? Sorry, all i can think of is for you to try again (not great, sorry) but maybe Torsten's cache clearing might have helped?


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Sorry but when i insert a wrong password i receive proper message :

"XMLRPC Error: 101 - Invalid username or password"

When i insert correct username and pwd :

"XMLRPC Error: 2 - Invalid return payload: enable debugging to examine incoming payload" .