Plugin output with template

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Hi there,

I want to create my first plugin. It should output some simply stuff on the page.

I have a wikiplugin_bob.php:

function wikiplugin_bob($data, $params) 
    $smarty = TikiLib::lib('smarty');
    $smarty->assign('data', '<h1>hello there</h1>');

and the wikiplugin_bob_config.tpl:

<h1>Bob Configuration</h1>


The renderd page is:
First output (top of the page) is my bob_config.tpl
Then comes the normal page.

What I want it to do:
My own tpl should be within the normal page, the place, where i put the {bob} plugin.

Can you give me some help, please?


posts: 4 Germany

Just found it by myself:





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