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Where are the missing (font awesome) icons ?

Gary Cunningham-Lee wrote:

Font Awesome icons change depending on the version. I remember when we did an update we had to redefine some that went missing. Maybe the ones you're looking for were dropped or moved to the "Pro" set. I see on https://fontawesome.com/v5.15/icons/hands-wash that hands-wash is pro, so wouldn't be available to us. If there's an icon that is for sure in the Font Awesome version that we're using but doesn't show up in the plugin, then apparently the icon set's definition file needs editing. But I just looked, and neither "cash-register" nor "hands-wash" (or any variation) is in the current themes/base_files/iconsets/default.php file.

-- Gary

Hi Gary,

cash-register is on the free icon list.

hands-wash too

If I understand correctly, all those icons should be available using the icon plugin.
https://fontawesome.com/v5/cheatsheet (free, solid, regular and brands)
Is that correct ?

I don't see a lot of them at themes/base_files/iconsets/default.php

What about adding them ?
I can do it and commit a fix in Master/Tiki23 as the list is clearly incomplete.

By the way I'll clean the doc from all hard to use A-Z thing for a link to the FontAwesome free chart.

What do you think ?