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Search refresh hack

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Hello, I'm new to tikiwiki, and am in the process of setting up a new site. So far all is working well. However I found that the search function did not work on new pages until I'd log in as admin and click 'Refresh wiki search index now' in the admin - search. So I added these lines to tiki-editpage.php at line 759.


It seems to work, refreshing the search index every time a page is saved.

Does anyone see a problem with this hack? If so, is there a better solution?

Jonathan Hutton

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Thanks for your post Jonathan. We are using TW 1.11 and we are experiencing the exact same problem. Would it be possible for you to post a few lines before and after your hack so we can identify where in the 1.11 version of tiki-editpage.php we should insert your hack and try it out?

Many thanks!


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Thanks for this post.

But you can also run it as a cron job. Just make sure you install some php cli utility.