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Features / Usability

Turning on Tiki + OpenID locked me out for good (3.0 beta 3)

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With only one user (admin) I attempted to turn on Tiki + OpenID installation. After relaunching the browser and going to log in I am now unable to access tiki as admin anymore. I have attempted to use PHPMyAdmin to go in and look at the SQL tables (users_users, etc) but find now variable for unsetting login method or changing login method to something other than Tiki+OpenID.

I've also looked under tiki_preferences, tiki_users, tiki_sessions, users_permissions, etc etc, and just about any other table that would make sense.

In desperation I ahve gone into users_users for admin and step-by-step tried to assign a new password, a new ProvPasswd, delete the hash, add an OpenID URL, etc etc. none of these worked.

Thankfully, this was a demo wiki — as I will now obliterate it and re-install the entire database in hopes of getting back on the development track.

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