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multi-domain perspectives

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I have tikiwiki 6rc1 installed on my localhost. Within the apache.conf file, tiki.localhost and forums.tiki.localhost both point to this same install. They also share session data via session.cookie_domain ".tiki.localhost" being set within the .htaccess file (see note). I have the forum, multi-domain and perspectives features activated and have set up 2 perspectives. Perspective Id 2 has the homepage set to be the wiki home, and perspective Id 3 has the homepage set to be the forum home. Within the multi-domain preferences, I have tiki.localhost,2 and forum.tiki.localhost,3 set up in order for them to have those perspectives applied, yet this doesn't happen. I have even emptied my cache, logged out and deleted pertinent cookies to no avail. Is there a reason that this should not be working?

(note) This was first attempted by setting ".tiki.localhost" within tiki's cookie domain prefs, which did not work as it should have. Is tiki possibly stripping the prefixed dot off the domain name?

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I am trying to set this up on tiki.org as well.

It works in https but not http. Can you test this as well?


M ;-)