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Hi there!!

First off, I'm not english, so excuse my poor writed english.

I'm working on a new custom theme for Tiki Wiki 6.0 Beta 3. I've got all configured as I want, except the main header.

On the header I have a custom module (based on tiki-site_header_popup.tpl) that when you're not logged on the web, it shows an image and some text explaining what the users will get if they become a registered users.

Actually this is done, but the real problem I've got is to show the user's avatar when they're logged in. With the variable $avatar, I can show it, but only in the tiki-user_information.php page.

I think that the solution is to make the database call in every page, but I don't know how to...

Any ideas how to add php code with database access granted on a .tpl file?

Thank you!!