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upcoming events not appearing on calendar

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So I can add events to my calendar and it'll show that there is something actually listed on the calendar date but that event does not show up under my upcoming Events does anybody know how to fix this


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Some things to check:

  • Does the module show upcoming events for any users? If so, check the permissions for the calendar, event, and category (if used).
  • Confirm that the dates for the event are correct — the module won't show past events.
  • Are you using any parameters in the module that would exclude certain events?


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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So It shows up on any of the administrator accounts but as a Annonomos user they see the calendar and they see the module for upcoming events but its empty and there is nothing scheduled on the calender. I cant figure out how to fix it so that everyone can see the upcoming events