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Passing tracker items to a data channel

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This post was inadvertently placed as a reply...sorry but your help would be appreciated

Hello All;

I have looked through the tiki docs, have tried the IRC (very disappointing experience), and conducted a web search to no avail.
Is it possible to pass user tracker items to a data channel using the $profilerequest command? Or is this the wrong approach?

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IRC is usually a bit quiet over the week-end.

Filling user trackers is not something I tried using data channels. However, since user trackers are nothing more than a tracker with the user selector field set to the username, a normal tracker insert should do the trick.

If you want to update the data, it might be a little more trouble.

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Hello Iphuberdeau;

Thanks for the reply.
I'm trying to pass the data to a data channel through the profile request command from 5 existing fields in a tracker created by the user at registration.
I used the TRACKER plugin which correctly pulls up the desired data. Using the syntax fieldname, external=fieldid I used the variable from the data channel as "fieldname" and used the "fieldid" as shown by inspection of the html page but for some reason the data is not passing through...the channel executes but with the default values palced in the "$profilerequest" command.
The data channel executes correctly when I execute it normally ie user fills in the "$profilerequest" fields.
So each part alone functions. It appears the snytax I'm using to call external data is incorrect. Do you know the correct syntax?