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How to add a MediaWiki-like superscript link to Bibliography item?

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I am coming to grips with the Bibliography functionality. I know how to add an item to the Library References. I know how to add a Bibliography section to my page, and a reference item to that.

What I cannot figure out is how to slap a superscript number on a word in my wiki page, which then links to the anchor of the corresponding Bibliography item.

This is standard Wikipedia behavior, so I assume it is emulated in TW. However I cannot figure it out or find it in the documentation. I apologize for my ineptitude.


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Well, it took me a... few days to figure this out. Documentation is not very clear in that point, we have to improve it.

To add the superscript number...

(step1) you have to click the pencil with the lines on the left of the editor (see attached pic, just above my own Greek text).

(step2) you fil the box that comes up with a distinctive code (for example, if you write an article about Space Shuttle, you may call it SSTL_01). Press insert. The html code with the reference will be inserted where your cursor was.

(step3) you go to the properties tab, press add reference and fill in again the first box with the code you have already created (you have to remember it. In this case, it was SSTL_01) and the rest (Title, Author, URL etc. etc.). Press save.

If you go back to the article, the superscript number "1" will be found where you inserted it and when you click on it, it will take you to the reference.

Hope I helped.

What is still a pain for me, is that the url doesn't actually works.

In the doc page, we read: If a URI is defined, the Title will by hyper-linked with the URI in the bibliography listing

This actually doesn't happen and I have to add the link in the title manually, with a href etc. etc. etc.