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Features / Usability

Formatted web link in pretty tracker

I cannot get my web links to display properly in my pretty tracker. I am using 12.1svn.

The tracker list is here:

And the template is here:

The display should be


but instead it is

-insert url here-" rel="">website


americanhistory.si.edu" rel="">website

I added a static link (not using a field) for compparison, and it displays properly.

I tested using a text field from the tracker instead of the URL field type, and the behavior did not improve. This rules out the URL field type as the problem.

Bug? Expected behavior? Is there a workaround?


I stumbled across the answer.
I had not viewed the options for the URL tracker type. There is an option to display as text, and you can specify the text. The options and their meanings (not all are clear to me) are not described in the documentation. I'll file a "wish" for this.

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