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Tiki12: category recognition problem with articles


I have tikiwiki version 12
I am much into structuring sites with categories, respectively configuring the visibility of modules regarding to the contents category.

How that can be caused, that a module limited to a category is visible in the editmode of the categorised content, but invisible in view mode?

New website -> here is the problem:

Articles can be categorised and I use some of the categories similar than (additional to) the article topics.

Usecase here:

a few articles for each bycicle tour - about one article a day
each tour gets an own category (and topic), meaning each article belonging to the same tour gets the same category
if an article or a listing of articles (of that category) would be active, an appropriate module should be visible

=> once in article-editing-mode the module is visible alright, but in article-view-mode somehow the module is invisible.
=> It seems, that the category of the article(s) is not recognised by Tiki if not in edit mode

I tried to limit the list of articles in the module either to topic and to category - in both cases that works fine (so the module seems to recognise the categories)


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