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Locked out after HTTPS change. Help!



I changed the HTTPS Login option to Encouraged (without having a cert...thought I could change it back), but now I can't even log in normally. tiki-login.php redirects to tiki-login_scr.php and if I log in I am redirected to https://...

How do I undo this? I tried setting https_login to disabled in MySQL but that does nothing.

Any ideas?



Thanks. I did search for this but couldn't turn up anything useful. Also, I had already done these steps and I'm still being redirected to https when I try to login.

Is there a cache that needs to be cleared or something?

In templates_c/ delete everything but: index.php
In temp/public/ delete everything but: .htaccess and index.php
In lib/test/core/temp/cache/ delete everything but: index.php
In modules/cache/delete everything but: index.php and README
In temp/cache/ delete everything but: index.php

To clear the folders you can use these commands:

ls -1d ./templates_c/* |grep -v -e index.php | xargs -r /bin/rm
ls -1d ./temp/public/* |grep -v -e index.php | xargs -r /bin/rm
ls -1d ./lib/test/core/temp/cache/* |grep -v -e index.php | xargs -r /bin/rm
ls -1d ./modules/cache/* |grep -v -e index.php -e README | xargs -r /bin/rm
ls -1d ./temp/cache/* |grep -v -e index.php | xargs -r /bin/rm

Updated Some how I listed the commands twice. I edited and removed the duplicates.
Updated again - I improved the code so there is no warning message if there are no files to delete in the folder, and removed the check for a .htaccess file since "ls -1d" does not list hidden files.


Yes! That did it. Thank you!!!

There needs to be some documentation on clearing the cache manually. I'll add this info to the wiki pages about the cache.

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