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Features / Usability

Own dialog to create wiki page


I want my users to be able to create wiki pages following a certain template. I know of 'content templates', but the whole process seems too error prone for my users. So I would prefer some sort of dialog or wizard.

I would like to have a page/plugin/module with this functionality:

  • The page has some input fields for text, dates, selection boxes, and a 'ok' button
  • The buttons action is to create a new wiki page
  • The title of the page is composed from some of the text fields
  • The initial content is also composed from the text fields together with some fixed text
  • The page is added to a fixed category

Thanks for any help!

United States

You can create a tracker with specific fields, then output the tracker results to a new wiki page (essentially creating a new page with the data from the form).

See the Tracker plugin docs for details, especially the outputwiki field.


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Thank you very much, that helped a lot!

I now have a tracker as a directory of the generated pages and it works well.

But I stumbled upon another problem: I want links from the trackerlist to the generated pages.

The tracker has a field with the page name, which is a 'Text Field' for now. Type 'Page Selector' seems the better choice as it provides links from the items to the pages. But then I loose the functionality of substituting {$f_xx} in the page template.

I worked around by staying with a Text Field and doing some jQuery to augment the trackerlist with appropriate linking tags.

Do I miss something? (I use Tiki 12.0)

Thanks again!

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