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Features / Usability

My User Items is always empty in "MyTiki" (tiki-my_tiki.php)



in the page "My Tiki" (tiki-my_tiki.php), pages, articles etc. are listed correctly but the tracker part : "My User Items" is always empty even if the current user has a lot of .

I checked this in both v9 and v12.

The source code seems to reference to trackers too, I do not understand. Is this a bug ?

Thank you by advance.

G. Urban



I have the same thing on v12 except for trackers which have a user selector tracker field. Maybe it is normal or a bug.
To solve the problem, just add a user selector tracker field auto-assigned to creator to your trackers.


Hi, thank you so much SebD!

Your method worked like a charm (a little bit hard to find)

and I think it is a bug... ;)

Thanks again for this quick fix,


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