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12.0 tabs problem


I'm running Tiki 12.0, IIS 7 on Windows 2008 R2. Everything was working fine, but something I did now has broken all the tabs on all pages, as well as broken at least the ability to create new wiki pages.

For example, when clicking on Admin, Users, the list of users is displayed and the address is:

When I click on the "Add a New User" tab the address changes to "http://dfu-wiki/tiki/tiki-adminusers.php#content2" but the screen does not change, it still shows the list of users.

When I click on Import, the address changes to "http://dfu-wiki/tiki/tiki-adminusers.php#content3"

When creating a new wiki page, I'm able to enter in the name of the page, but after clicking Create Page, the wiki page displays but the area where you would type information is, is a solid blue color.

I've tried changing skins, restarting IIS, refreshing the tiki files with a backup copy that I have. Reinstalling the latest version of Java. What else am I missing?

This is occurring on both the server and clients and with both IE and Firefox.

I forgot to mention that clicking on "No Tabs" in Look and Feel appears to do nothing besides refresh the page.

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I've seen this before... essentially everything works fine, but the JS script that controls the tab actions is being blocked. Check and confirm that your browser (or network properties) is not blocking any scripts.


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It sounds like you have disabled JavaScript in your browser. Tiki uses JavaScript quite extensively and what you are describing with the tabs is what you would happen if JavaScript is disabled.


I've verified that both Firefox and IE on the client and server are not blocking scripts. The problem appears to be server side since I have other clients that I haven't made any changes to. They used to work and do not any more.


Well, the bad news is that yes, a few things changed as I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong with setting up the mail in feature. However, I don't know exactly what was changed since I was trying a bunch of different things.

The good news is that I managed to find out that IIS 7 does automatic configuration backups when it detects changes. It defaults to saving the last 10 backups and the oldest backup was the only backup that was done prior to my monkeying around. I restored the backup and I'm golden now.

For anyone else interested, you can use the appcmd.exe command. Refer to this website for more information.


Thanks for helping point me in the right direction.

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