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Features / Usability

Modified: List the tracker items in wiki page for a registered user.

Having a problem in Tiki 12. I am trying to get a simple order-sale tracker to display it's items in a wiki page. I mean, after the users login and submits the form, I need a page to display (only their items) and to be able to interact (comment, edit for example), this means with links.

It is fine for the admin user, but not for the others, I can access the page but it displays nothing (the menu entry appears only for registered users, but I have 2 users associated for each item as they need to get notified, one automatically at creation, one later, assigned by hand).

What can be wrong here, what should I look for? My code looks like this:

*TRACKERLIST( trackerId="2" fields="10:17:21:24:5" sort="y" showtitle="y" showlinks="y" showdesc="y" showstatus="y" showlastmodif="y" showfieldname="y" status="op" sort_mode="created_desc" more="y" view_user="user" showwatch="y")*Notify*TRACKERLIST*

I also tried this as a more simple approach taken from Tiki Essentials, and adapted, to narrow the issue; no success, no items of a user get displayed:

*trackerlist trackerId="2" fields="10:17:21:5" popup="8" showtitle="y" showlinks="y" shownbitems="y" showcreated="y" showfieldname="y" showrss="y" view="user"*

Replaced the { and } with * as it tries to get data from a tracker here at tiki.org :-)

Hey, you can mark this as solved. I figured it out: it was a perm issue - the group must be able to "view" tracker.

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Not necessarily. Using 12.1 at least, there is a new option when you edit your tracker to allow a user to see his own items through plugintrackerlist with param view=user and no extra perm


This is not working in fact - if I allow the group to be able to view tracker, all the users in the group gain access to all the items, not only their own. So this is a no no.

Xavi, if I leave the permission unselected, and with the plugintrackerlist I set the param "view=user" there is nothing displayed in the page.

Tried both variants of the mentioned code.

What could be wrong here?

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