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Features / Usability

phpbb credentials function lost


Originally running 11.x, now running 12.2.

I had set up general user credentialing to use the phpbb forums that we co-use. Everything was working well.

The problem ...

Several days ago, the function just stopped, users could no longer access the tiki with their usual credentials (the phpbb 3 credentials). My admin credential still works fine.

There had been no changes to the phpbb setup, nor the mysql files, not the mysql users.

I went into the settings, and double checked everything, all settings appear correct, and then even reinserted the mysql phpbb database passwords in case something had been munged.

No joy.

I then installed and moved over to 12.2, hoping that might somehow refresh it, makes no difference.

I'm not sure where to start to sort this out. Anyone help? I am quite new to tiki.

  • Orest

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