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PluginComment in pretty tracker

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Hello all -

I'm using Tiki 12.2, and I'm trying to use the comment plugin in a template that displays my tracker items.
The problem is that the comments do not display.

I have a wiki template for displaying the tracker items. The comments appear in the default location, so I'm reasonably sure that I have the permissions set correctly. However, I'd like have the comments in a different place on the page. http://destinationaccessible.com/Display?itemId=15 shows where I'm trying to put the comments, inside a tab plugin.

That page uses the TrackerList plugin, filtered to the itemId in the url. Adding the comment plugin to the template has the side effect of breaking the stock comment tab when displaying the tracker item "the regular way", such as http://destinationaccessible.com/item15. "Breaking", as in the comments don't display. I don't have any more detail than that.

I appreciate any help I can get.


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A brief update:

It seems like "trackerItem" is the right value for the ObjectType parameter, not "Tracker", as the help suggests. However, I'm still stuck on finding out the right value to pass as the ObjectId. What is the syntax to output the itemId of the current tracker item?

Thanks again,

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Here's the solution I ended up with:

1) Didn't use PluginComment. Instead, I used PluginHTML and PluginJQ to copy the functionality of the view-item template.
2) can be used to echo the id of the current tracker item, as long as the appropriate administration option is enabled.

- Jason

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Sorry. I commented by mistake.