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Categories Module not working

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I added the 'Categories Module' to our Tiki Wiki. When I click on one of the categories, I get the following Error Page:

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I have no problems when accessing categories from the Navigation Menu Module.

What is causing this issue?

Tiki Version: 12.2
O.S: Ubuntu Server 14.04

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It appears that the code in the Categories module only works correctly with "Search engine friendly URL" selected. If you do not have "Search engine friendly URL" turned on, then the link that is generated is missing an "&" before the "deep=on" parameter.

It turns out that if "Search engine friendly URL" is not selected, then "Object type filter" has the same problem.

If your categories don't have any sub categories, you could set deep to off, then the parameter would not be added.

Or you could turn on Admin home -> Features, "Search engine friendly URL" (make sure you have the .htaccess file activated).

This is a bug and you should open a new bug report.