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Duplicate Page Name


Hi everyone,

How can I create a duplicate page namge with different content.For example, for different application pages we needed "Installation" sub (child) page. This means I need several wiki child pages called "Installation".

Thank you for the help.


Thank you Marc. This was useful.

I created the pages as Installation:_:1 Installation:_:2 etc namespace. When I link them I used Installation:_:1 and the page link appears like "Installation 1". Is it possible to hid the number 1?

Thank you for the help.

United States

In addition to Marc's Namespace suggestion, you can also try using the page Alias option (if you're using Tiki Structures. This way, even though the actual page name is Installation 1 or Installation 2, it will display as simply Installation__. Please see the docs or my primer for details.


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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