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Features / Usability

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I'm curious if the tiki-page_bar at the bottom of the page can have its visibility toggled to show or not show. It is the bar that contains "Edit this page", "Remove", "Rename", etc..

Inside ~/templates/tiki-page_bar.tpl is the code for this bar to display, I just can't seem to find the feature (if there is one) to make it toggle.

Those are certainly the buttons I am looking to toggle, but I was more hoping for an option to create a button that will toggle them dynamically. So, I want the buttons to show, but have an option on the page to hide them, or make them visible again. Is there a way to do this?


I've been toying with the jQuery plugin for toggling the bar, but keep running into an issue with the service controller.

I'm trying to write a function inside the tiki-page_bar.tpl file that will create a button to allow for the toggling of the entire set of buttons. I've been following the section that allows for the toggling of comments at line 115, but the line that reads:

a id="comment-toggle" href="{service controller=comment action=list type="wiki page" objectId=$page}#comment-container"

has me stumped because of this strange call to the 'service controller'. Any idea how to work around this, or write something to allow me to make my own call to the controller?


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