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Hi everyone,

I'm working on a tikiwiki for my summer job and the wiki syntax causes me tons of problems. I'm trying to set up an internal database of information, and the text I need to input as articles or wiki contains symbols which are part of the wiki syntax, such as '^', '_', etc., so it changes all the formatting. I bypassed the problem by inserting an HTML module, which worked, but as soon as I edit an article containing an HTML module, the formatting goes crazy and the articles are unreadable. I tried deactivating Tiki Wiki Syntax to go purely HTML, but that didn't seem to work either. Does anybody know of an alternative?

I've tried using the no parse code, but if I use it on a paragraph or a longer text, it messes up the whole formatting. I've read the syntax page on the docs, but this doesn't help me. I've also tried using the code plugin.

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