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Can't find "Contact User"

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Howdy —

I'm using Tiki 12.2 and I can't find "Contact User". It just doesn't appear under the "General Settings" tab. I can select "Contact Us", and I can enable anonymous users to use "contact us", but there is no field to enter the user to be contacted, and on the page itself, it's defaulting to "admin" because the $email variable is empty.

If I look at page source, I can see:

Contact user:

So it looks like it's supposed to be there. But on the actual rendered page, it goes directly from letting me allow anonymous users use the contact us page straight to letting me enable priorities.

My browser is Safari 7.0.5. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

posts: 16 US

It sort of helped. The problem I was having is that this feature is considered 'advanced', and I wasn't seeing it because I didn't have the 'advanced' checkbox checked.

Once I got that checked, it appeared. I'd recommend that this be configured as a 'basic' setting.

Thanks! — Kat