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Regarding email notification for upcoming events into calendar in tikiwiki

Hi Team,

I want to know that when we add event into calendar in tikiwiki, then for upcoming events in tikiwiki any kind of email notifications sent to the email id or not?

we can get the notification about when calendar_event changed,but is there any kind of feature so that when we can get the reminder notification about the upcoming events in calendar in tikiwiki?

if anyone know about this feature then please let me know.

Thank you in advance,
Nidhi Shah


I've just run into the same concern with my website as well. I know I'm about a year late here, but have you or anyone else discovered a solution to this problem?

We would like to have some sort of email notifcation to be sent when an upcoming event is getting close. This functionality just isn't present for the plugin, so I'm curious if anyone has offered a solution to this.


Hi taylordustin,

this would be a really useful feature, especially when Tiki is used as a Groupware or a CRM.

This would have to be done with a cronjob from the server. As Tiki  is written in PHP and PHP is running when triggered, not by itself, it could not really work by itself (imho). But a cronjob could call a PHP file every so often and the PHP file then checks the calendar / notifcations and sends out the reminders. Just a rough idea.

I am not sure if we have an a hook in Tiki to build upon - maybe a coder could get some php script working together with the notifications.

Best would be to discribe the workflow in a wishlist item.

=> Wishlist


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