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User cannot change password in user preferences


I am new with Tikiwiki. Recently, I installed Tikiwiki 12 LTS.

So, I enable user preferences and allow users to change their password. The problem is when a user goes to MyTiki>Preferences>Account Information, enters new and the current password, then save changes, it throws an Error that says "Invalid password. Your current password is required to change administrative information."

I can walk around this problem with 'forgot my password' but it is very inconvenient for users.

I really appreciate if anyone could help me ping point the cause and the solution for this problem.

Many thanks..

Hi nubKnight,

in /tiki-admin.php?page=login you can specify the requirements of the password, like minimum number of characters, special characters, etc..

You should check the requirements there and you should try with a testuser yourself and check the actual error message - maybe your user does not report completely or does not understand a system message, that would explain why the password would be invalid.

Just meant as first steps to go though, to eliminate error 40.



Thanks for your reply.

For the test purpose, I turned off all other requirements for login password, only kept the minimum length is 5 characters.

I did test it with a test account. To make sure that I did not mistype anything, I copied and pasted my test's password to the 'current password' text box. When I saved it, It will throw the error saying "Invalid password. Your current password is required to change administrative information".

Another note is after I commented out the block of code for throwing that error message (line 274-285) in tiki-user_preferences.php, I could change the password and 'Account deletion' tab is now visible in 'user preferences' window.

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