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Features / Usability

Using smarty templates for pretty trackers

I have used wiki pages exclusively for my pretty trackers.

I believe some of the things I want to accomplish will require using a tpl file instead of a wiki.

I am interested in learning to use smarty syntax, but rather than learning smarty from A-Z right away, I'm hoping to initially focus on what I need to work on my tracker templates, and then learn the rest (for themes, programming behavior, etc).

All of the pretty tracker examples I have found use wiki pages. Can anyone suggest a pretty-tracker based tutorial that uses tpl files?

And one initial question: Do you place your tpl files any particular place? In the plugin, do you give the full path from the install directory?




There is a profile for pretty tracker demonstration, find it here: tiki-admin.php?page=profiles

last time I checked it was ok to place it into /templates directory


I applied Pretty_Tracker_Demo. This also also uses a wiki page for the template. I need to learn how to write a tpl file (smarty syntax) for the template, so that I can use features not available on wiki pages (e.g. if/else statements).

I wrote a very simple .tpl file in a new subfolder under install\templates. I gave the path from install in the plugin. That worked for displaying the tracker items (pluginTrackerlist). That's the good news. The bad news is really a separate topic.

My real goal was to use a smarty template to format the page created using the pluginTracker output-to-wiki feature. I've just noticed that it only accepts wiki pages as templates. I don't know if this a permanent limitation or not. I will submit a wish to provide the option to use smarty templates as with pretty trackers.

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