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phpBB Authentication with phpBB 3.1 - does it work?


In the latest version 3.1, phpBB moved from supporting Mods to supporting Extensions which I think broke a lot of related external software.

Does phpBB authentication in TikiWiki 13.1 work for phpBB 3.1? I am looking for a wiki to use with phpBB and will try it myself if someone can tell me it should work.

If not, are there any plans for it in 14.0?


Hi morkofork,

I know, that Tiki has a phpBB authentication method since long time. I do not know, if that was / is affected by phpBB's move from Mods to extensions.

You should install a Tiki testwise and try to connect it to the phpBB in the admin panel:

I did not hear, if there would be plans to add new stuff in that topic n the next time - our devs are very busy with Tiki 14 and Bootstrap related stuff, as we implemeted Bootstrap in Tiki 13 as a replacement of the old design system.

I suggest you to get the latest Tiki daily build (pre-14 trunk) downloaded or use svn (if you have svn and ssh on your server) from (dev:(Get Code|dev.tiki.org)).

I just installed one via SVN (like every few days) for a project test proof oconcept and I find the Bootstrap implementation and the usability more and more awesome.

when you tried that and being able to report, you might want to come back and we see, if maybe we can help you further.

Did you know, that Tiki has a forum incuded as a feature, that you need only to activate? With Bootstrap in Tiki 14 the forum looksmho much nicer than here, given you apply a theme that suits you wll enough (I love Flatly from Bootswatch) and it should be not hard to customise with Boostrap or to integrate an existing free Bootstrap theme.


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