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Highlighting of Searched word in results?

Hi Everyone,

I just upgraded our Tikiwiki to 13.1 from 10.x. Almost everything is working fine, except that when I do a search the word that I searched on is not highlighted in the results.


If I Search for the term "build1", I get results with that term, but the word "build1" which is in the page(s) is not highlighted. I have to press CTRL-F and search the page for it. Not so fun or intuitive.

I have Admin->Search->Highlight results snippets checked
I DON'T have Admin->Search->Parse the results checked.

I would appreciate any help or pointers, I am not sure what I could be missing.

Thanks in advance!


Hi brak59,

I want to be honest. You could file a bug report.

But the Bootstrap transition in Tiki 13/14 brought a lot of extra work to us. There are a lot of enhacements and I work with trunk (first pre-13 and now pre-14) in projects, where I need a reliable system. So it is working. But there are massive chan in certain important details mainly related to templates and styles, which delays our Tiki 14 branching and release.

I suggest (recommend) that you wait a few week till end of the year and test the latest 14 after the release (should be really in December, cross fingers).

f you then still have the problem another forum post and bug report will have more of a chance to be followed up.

I just say this, as I assume this bug as not so major and I assume one could live with it for a limited time - you are not staying at LTS and maybe are keen on using Bootstrap with our little Tiki beast.

I already love 14 and in my personal opinion all difficulties I went through after the decision to leave 12 LTS apart from one specific website are well worth it.

And even this website will be redesigned with Tiki 14 quite soon, maybe end of this year. So I really hope you can live with losing the highlighter and accept hat our devs are concentrating mainly on certain Bootstrap wrap up and keeping / regaining them,e related features from 12.

I appreciate your patience.



OK I'll wait for 14.

Hi Torsten,

I've been checking back frequently.  Is there any news on the release of 14?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Rick -

Top be 100% honest, I am unsure what it is doing, I have Lucene filled out for everything but I also have the box checked that says MySQL Full-Text Search.

I beleive when I first upgraded I was getting absoultely NO search results so I checked the MySQL box and I'm a little afraid to uncheck it since I have users actively using the upgraded tiki.

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