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Kaltura Plugin - Custom Player

We are using Tiki 13.0 with Kaltura CE 9.19.5 for video and are having an issue using our custom player. The custom player simply has our logo instead of Kaltura.

The problem is that our custom player doesn't show up in the drop down selections in the Kaltura admin page. Only the default players show up in the drop down box. How do we add our custom player to the drop down box?

We are able to embed the video in wiki pages with our custom player using HTML but it's not as clean as using the plugin.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi firstarticle,

I am not working with Kaltura and I am sure, there are not many "Kalturians" in the Tiki Community. Could you please tell me more detailed, what type of drop down you mean?

I have no idea right now. what you want to approach, where you are struggling, what you customplayer is ... need more info.

Best regards,



Thank you for your reply. It has been a bit tough to find information on this topic. 

The drop down box I'm referring to can be found here. 

Admin Home=>Video=>Kaltura tab=>Kaltura Dynamic Player (see attachment)

We named our custom player "Intranet Player" in Kaltura but as you can see, it doesn't show up in the drop down box so we can't select it.

I hope this makes sense.  I appreciate any insight you might have.

Thanks again.

Hi firstarticle,

quickly checking the Tiki-Kaltura API dialogue on a non-Kaltura-connected Tiki 14 istallation, I see a textfield, but not a drop down ... on a Tiki 13 where a Kaltura is connected to, I see (just and only) two drop downs for the "Kaltura Dynamic Player": a) Kaltura Video Player ID and b) Kaltura Video Player ID (in entry edit mode) ... same as on your screenshot ...

... I assume, that the options which Players you can use are "delivered" by Kaltura, after you connected Kaltura to Tiki and then you can choose. Hence i do not know for sure.

If I am right, that would be mainly (likely) an issue on the Kaltura side, not on the Tiki side.

We cannot give you support for the caltura side, as we do not know about their project and I do not know off-hand a user who would be active in both communities (and thus could help you here).

Maybe you give me a bit more understanding what your custom cultura player is about and on which side you implemented that ... maybe that gives me a better idea, to suggest on which side the issue is located.

Best regards,


Just rethought and reread:

=> your "Intranet Player" is desined in Kalta, right? But not delivere to Tiki OR not recognised by Tiki, right?

=> you might want to deply check, if such a Kaltura custom player must be activated, published, approved or something or even addeto a certain list or config file in the caltura server to have it published via the API.

=>I do not see a reason why Tiki should receive the dafault players of Kaltura and not the custom one, when they are provided by Kaltura with the same API and in the same way and would have to appear in the same ist.

=> I assume 95% it would be on the Kaltura side not on the Tiki side.




Yes, our "Intranet Player" is designed in Kaltura.  It appears to be configured the same as the others so I'm with you, I'm not sure why it doesn't show up in the list.

I will see if I can find out anything from Kaltura and post back.  Must be something simple I'm missing.


United States

I have a feeling you're going to need to edit the Kaltura plugin (../wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_kaltura.tpl) to take advantage of your custom player.

I suggest that you compare your customized HTML code (that works) with what Tiki generates, then edit the TPL to add what's missing.



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Thank you for the information.  I checked out the Kaltura plugin as you suggested and I think I can make that work by hardocding the player_id but I really hate to do that.

I was looking further into this and found a couple of files that look like they compile the player list but I can't figure out where the data is coming from.

Here are the grep results.  Any thoughts?


Hi Rick,

you might be right - I'd say the right spot to check first in Tiki, BUT I suggest to first check as good as possible, if the information about the custom plugin in Kaltura is sent out properly in the fist place.

My point is thaI doubt, that the information about the custom player is being received by Tiki.

If my assumtion is wrong, then I would support your recommendation as possible next spot to track the issue down on the Tiki side.

Best regards,



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