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Structure needs to be visible in the features list. I have the checkbox Structure checked in the wizard. I checked the checkbox in the permission for structure in found in the list of permissions: Features -> Wiki. I need the structure list listed into the startpage.

I found this frustrating, I struggle hours with this problem.

United States

I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand your problem... and I'm not sure which Tiki version you're uisng. But I'll try to help:

To enable the Structure feature, you need to select the feature on the Admin: Wiki page. Please see the docs for details. You may also find my primer helpful.

If you simply want to display the structure on a wiki page, simply use the __TOC plugin.



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First, thank you for the fast reaction!

I tried 12.3 and now I use 13.1. Thats the problem, the feature Stucture is not visible.

Hi coronatus,

the "feature structure" actually "wiki structures" or short"structures" is a subfeature of the wikifeature.

You find it for basic glabal settings in tha administration panel /tiki-admin.php?page=wiki

I suggest NOT to set "open/create pages as structure" but "make structure from page" ...

You can then (depending of the settings there) create a structure by simply create a structure from a page (see button "more" below the existing wiki page.

Once a page is opened in a structure, top left of the page you see a structure symbol, click on that to edit structures. There you have a button structures and access all existing structures from there.

Once the first structure is created, the structures must appear in the "main application MENU" as sublevel item of "wiki".

Best regards,


Thanks Rick and Torsten for the explanation. I have used the TOC method, actualy I thought it must be in the section of General -> Navigation and then choose for "Use Tiki feature as homepage" to show it on the startpage. But it doesnt showing there in the list.

With the TOC method I can showing it on the startpage. 




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