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How can I create a link to a namespaced page?

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Whenever I try to create a link to a page that is in a namespace, the link does not get created.

I am doing this from the WYSIWYG editor (have disabled non WYSIWYG editing). When I go to create a link, it lets me type in part of the page name, and I get a list of pages to choose from. Pages that are in a namespace have a colon shown between the namespace and the page name, regardless of the actual separator. I select the page from this list, so there is no way I could be typing anything wrong.

I have tried this using different separator characters: the default ":_:", also ":" and "_", all with the same effect. If I go to "Source" mode right after inserting the link, there is an anchor with no href attribute. If I try to change an existing link, the href gets change properly, but I cannot click on it in the WYSIWYG editor or preview, and when I save and then go back and edit, the href has been removed.

Surely there must be some way to create a link to a page in a namespace. What am I doing wrong?

I do strongly avoid to use CKE WYSIWYG, as I always have problems with it and it does not fit so well with the concept of clean wiki markup and Tikis wiki plugins.

There has been a lot of integration work on CKE/Tiki and it is much better than in recent years, but anyway with more advanced projects using namespaces, perspectives, structures and maybe a lot of possibly nested wiki plugins - do not use CKE WYSIWYG.

Just my 2 cent.

I have not so much time now to go in depth, but in a collab environment I have set up, I use namespaces to allocate pages to workgroups/workspaces and to projects.

As I work with wiki syntaxc only, I do not have problems with namspaces, whilst it was indeed a bit tricky to sort out at the first place.

Maybe you tell us a bit more about your service design and maybe I find some time soon to answer a few more questions more in detail.


United States

Ah I see, that is good to know.  Thanks for your response.

The availability of a WYSIWYG editor and the ability to not use wiki markup at all was actually one of the big "selling points" on TikiWiki.   Compare to MediaWiki where there won't even be a working WYSIWYG editor (that doesn't break other plugins) for unknown weeks or months.  But obviously it is recognized that a wider user base is possible if users don't need to learn any kind of markup to make changes to a document.  It can save a lot of time in an organization if a non-technical user can suggest a change directly rather than having to go through a manual review process involving their supervisor and the wiki manager before anything even gets done online.

For myself, I already know HTML and can drop into the source to do anything that I can't do in WYSIWYG mode, and having to learn yet another markup syntax is a big drawback.  I have noticed little annoying things with CKE and I suppose in general in-browser WYSIWYG editors are still not mature compared to "real" editor applications, but as it stands it certainly seems most of the way there.

Czech Republic

Maybe it could work if you prepend the link URL with ./ somehow?

Just an idea because I know using ":" caused issues with relative links thinking you are trying link to a protocol like "http:" in the namespace name like "my namespace:" and browser did not understand it...


Sorry if I misunderstood.



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