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Even though I got the blog working, I decided it's not going to do what we need. Instead, I'm trying to setup a forum. I've got it all setup and have even made a post. What I don't understand is how you make a forum page: a page just for the forum that links straight to the forum. Somewhere, when I setup the blog, it asked for some something here type language. I can't find where I set that or how to do it again for a forum page.

I did look at your smarties page and while it told me how to setup a forum, it didn't explain what to do with it after I did. :-( That, or I just totally missed it.

Thank you for your patience. This project is due Saturday and I'm starting to hyperventilate.

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I'm not sure I understand your request... I don't think it is possible to embed an entire forum within a wiki page (but you can use some of the modules to include the most recent posts, etc).

You can simply link to your main form page by using:


For example: http://tiki.org/forums is the link to the TIki forums.


Or to a specific forum by using:


where XXX is the ID of a forum.

For example: http://tiki.org/forum4 is the link to this forum.



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I finally figured it out, but yes, Rick, that is what I was looking for.  Where in the wiki documentation does it tell that sort of stuff?  I found all sorts of details on database names and version numbers and what-not, but not the specific text for adding a forum to a menu.  A blog, yes.  A forum, no. 

What threw me was when it said it was creating a forum, I expected a whole "forum page", which I guess technically it created, but out in the ether somewhere.  Without a "landing page", as Fabricus (sp?), mentioned, it's buried off on the side, just as a link somewhere.  What I didn't understand was how to add it to the menu.  Once I did that, it became a "real page" in this layman's eyes and is hopefully easy to find for my team mates. 


Thank you all so much.  I'm off to finish this (not PG rated words here) project. 


Oooh, ooh.  One last quesion.  Under this reply is a checkbox to "Send me an email when someone replies."  How do I get that to show up on my own forum?  It's not right now. 



as I answer your email now, you should get an email to your registered email adress, in case you did click the mentioned tick box.

This answer is just for demonstration ;-)


Hi indnajns,

we would need a bit more detailed description what exactly you want to achieve.

In Tiki we have about the following structure for forums:

1.) the feature "forums" which lists all forums

2.) forum section, where you can sort groups of forums in arbitrary number of sections

3.) the initial forum, which contain the threads - here the user creates threads (= post an initial message with new topic) and answers to forum posts of other users

4.) the individual forum threat

5.) the individual forum post

You can link to 1.) and to 3.) whilst 2.) is "just" a way of sorting and displaying 1.)

4.) and 5.) you can link to with URL parameters.

I am not sure, if it makes sense to embed one of the above listings into a wiki page. But I can imagine, that you want to create some kind of landing page for kind of workgroups and they get a button directly to the group related forum.

This could be done with the method Rick was describing above.
And a link to a forum (or to a forum listing) can be included in a wikiplugin "button" without any problem.

Did I get your idea right?
Hope I could help.


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