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Static text tracker field displayed twice


Hey, trying to make a simple Terms and Conditions tracker, as the user, ip, date and aggrement/disagreement must be recorded. So I said to myself "well at least once this should go smoothly, that's the simplest one ever!". Wrong.

Am i doing something fishy? The text to be aggreed or not upon figured it will be a Static text field. But when I write anything in it, it is displayed twice when adding an item, the second time without breaks and italics, like a description. Guess because it is inserted in the "description" area of the field?

Tiki 12.0 here.

Any workaround to be displayed properly, once?

United States

I'm unable to duplicate your issue using the current Tiki 12.3, on the Demo server.  I create two tests:

  • A simple Terms of Service (tracker) embedded in a wiki page (via the TRACKER plugin): http://demo.tiki.org/12x/TOStest
  • A registration tracker (ussing the same tracker):

The Terms is  Static Text field, and it only displays once.

Can you explain how you're adding it on your site? You might also try upgrading to the current version (it could be a bug that has been fixed).



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Hello fakemoth,

my simple idea for Terms and Conditions:

  • wikipage "Terms and Conditions"
  • Tracker item field type "radio button" with two options, yes and no
  • item description is wikiparsed
  • item is mandatory
  • text: I have read and accept the ((Terms and Conditions))

(I hope that the no parse syntax above works with the CKE WYSIWYG editor)

This could be extended with jQuery/JavaScript and ...
there might be other options - I think there even was a feature implemented, but in a recent Tiki pre-14 productive site I have done, I made it the way described above.


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