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Can't Upload Word or Excel Files in File Gallery

United States
When I try to upload an Excel or Word file, the revolving wait icon never stops. If I click the browser Back button, I am logged out of the site. The files I am trying to upload are less than 1 MB. I am using Tiki-Wiki 13.1 on a server running Linux/Apache with PHP 5.5. I have tried this with Firefox and Internet Explorer (latest editions) on a PC running Windows 7. I have uploaded the files into the same directory using the cPanel application from my hosting provider, so I know that the server allows these file types to be uploaded. Under "Edit Gallery" for the File Gallery, the "Type" is set at "Any Type". Please help.
United States
Files are being stored in directories. I have attached a picture of the System Logs showing the entry for uploading a Word file named Instructions.docx. It looks like is is being loaded into a temp directory and given another file extension of .tmp. There are no errors anywhere.

United States
The path in the File Gallery Configuration page is "files/"

Hello artsegura,

to store files in the directory, it is necessary that the directory has the right permissions applied, for that the application can read and write to the directory.

In a standart shared hosting environment this permission is 777.

If the directory does not have the right permission applied, you will get a "can't upload file" error.

Using the directory files inside the tikiroot is unsecure and not recommended, as the files would be accessible via the domain. But to just test at the first place you should check and test, if changed permissions (server side) would solve the problem.

For production I strongly recommend to us a directory "besides" the tikiroot. As I do not know your directory structure I cannot (yet) clearly show you, but I try to explain with an example:

A ) Domain / Tikiroot

Your domain points to the tikiroot which is usually named "tiki-13.1" if you use FTP upload and you did not rename it after unzipping (if we use Tiki 13.1).

B ) A "container" for the Tiki project.

We create a directory "myproject" and inside this we unzip / install a previously downloaded Tiki 13.1, for that the tikiroot is here:


Then we find directories like:


As said, the domain should be set to point to myproject/tiki-13.1

C ) files directories

We create the files directory structure inside the container "myproject" besides the tikiroot, which is named tiki-13.1 in this example.

Then you manually create a new directory structure in "myproject" like following:



D ) Files directories' permissions

Now set permissions 777 for the folder myproject/files and all subfolders (including 644 for files).
Using a shell (SSH shell / Linux shell) this would be:

$: cd /path/to/myproject
$: chmod -R 777 files

In a standart shared hosting environment without SSH access you can do the same with the webbased control center. There must be some kind of "file manager".

E ) Set the path in the app

We login to the Tiki application and go to /tiki-admin.php?page=fgal

There we set the path as following:


For the wiki, the podcasts, the batch upload etc. this applies analog; just change the folder at the end of the path.

The two dot mean one level up:

../ goes up from myproject/tiki-13.1 to myproject

from there down to myproject/files/filegallery

So given, you have set the directory permissions right and the path aswell, you should be able to upload files to the directory and they will be stored "outside the tikiroot" and thus not accessible from the web via the domain.

There are cases, where this is not possible and where is no choice than using the /files directory inside the tikiroot. Then you can secure the directory with an index.php file, which you can find an copy for example from the folder /db .

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

United States
I understand about that the File Gallery directory should not be in the domain path. I will get that corrected later. The file permissions are correct as other type files such as JPEG images and PDF files can be uploaded. So far I have only found that Excel and Word files cannot be uploaded.

 Thank you artsegura for specifying your problem,

that points us to s different direction.

I roughly remember that there have been issues with MS files and that there are solutions. I do not remember, as I usually have no problems with 'em.

Maybe Rick has an idea, otherwise I think about and come back once I remember what it was ... you might be finding something in the forums. Maybe search for xlsx or so.


United States

I have searched the forums for Excel and Word file problems and I also searched on Google. All I have found was about file permissions not being correct.

Also, just to let you know, the files that are uploaded do not have the same filename as the original files. I also believe that several uploaded files are stored in the same physical file in the File Gallery. At first I had the files stored in the database, then changed to directory storage. Maybe that has something to do with the problem.

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