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How to include external CSS stylesheets on a page

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I'm working on migrating pages from an existing Wiki to TikiWiki.

All is going well, except that certain things on the page don't display right because the appropriate CSS isn't loading on the page. On the original pages the CSS is loaded via the LINK tag, but this tag is only valid in the HEAD of the page. How do I get the page to load the CSS stylesheets I need for the page to display correctly?

I have seen http://twessentials.tikiforsmarties.com/Customizing+Per+Page" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">this page which says you can use the Custom HTML Content area on the Customization tab of the Admin: Look and Feel page, however this is a horrible suggestion for me. I have nearly 600 pages, and the code to select against 600 pages to determine which ones to include would be horrible not to mention that this would be the totally wrong way to do it.

How can I include one or more CSS files directly on the pages that need them?

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