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How to use Plugins if Wiki syntax is disabled?

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I don't want to use Wiki syntax at all (I've restricted editing to the WYSIWYG editor). There are a lot of pages I am dealing with which display screen output (text) which has strings such as rows of only minus or equals characters. I know you can use the ~np~ wiki syntax to prevent something on the page from being parsed as wiki syntax, but it seems somewhat of a pain to require all our users to have to know this - a big reason for going with the WYSIWYG editor was to lower the bar of entry for people to edit content!

I have found an option which disables unintentional wiki syntax from causing formatting issues
(disabling "Content is parsed like wiki page") but with this option disabled, it also breaks *all* plug-ins!

How can I use plug-ins when content is not parsed like a wiki page?

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You'll need to access the plugins via the toolbar:

  1. While editing a page, click the HELP button.
  2. On the EDIT HELP popup window, click the PLUGIN tab.
  3. Select the plugin to use


You can also customize the toolbar to create shortcuts/buttons for the specific plugins you want users to have available.



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Hi Rick,


Thanks for your reply.


I can create the plug-ins the way you mention, but all it does is insert the plug-in the same way I would type it, in braces, e.g.:

{CODE( caption="CodeCaption")}This is the code to be displayed{CODE}
The problem is, when "Content is parsed like wiki page" is disabled, the braces are not processed and they appeared literally on the page when it is viewed, instead of the plug-in being generated.

Maybe what I'm trying to do simply can't be done.

Incidentally, there appear to be other issues with using ~np~.  If I try to paste the literal sequence to make it appear on the page, the WYSIWYG editor turns it into the literal text, which will turn off wiki syntax when in fact I am trying to display the text for turning off wiki syntax.  If I try to edit a page with the sequence to turn off wiki syntax, it strips out the code to turn off wiki syntax, so whoever is manually editing has to notice this and remember to manually put it back in.  Overall, it seems to break the "WYSIWYG" experience, if what you see isn't always what you get because certain special character sequences have different behaviors.