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tiki plugin syntax

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This stuff with the curvy brackets. What is it and where can I learn it or get a good reference of it? It's use in all the plugins, it's not wiki syntax, it's required to actually do something with most plugins. Where's the documentation on it? I've looked everywhere.

	  {list max="10"}
	  {filter field="tracker_id" content="1"}
	    {display name="title" format="objectlink"}

Just some sample code above to show what language/syntax I want to know more about.

Thanks, John

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Hello John,

the curly bracket thingi you posted is indeed a WikiPlugin.

Please see http://doc.tiki.org/WikiPlugins

There are few WikiPlugins, which contain additional curly bracket expressions, like plugin custom search or plugin list.

Please see here:

if you look for parameters of WikiPlugins, then simply type into the adressfield of your browser the link to the documentation site doc.tiki.org/ and add PluginPluginname, whilst replacing "Pluginname" with the name of the wiki plugin -> examples Img, Youtube, List, Tracker, Trackerlist, Usercount, etc.

Regards, Torsten

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It's Smarty code I think.