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Nesting Plugin Tracker Toogle

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Does anyone know if it's possible to nest tracker toogle plugins? What I'm trying to do is if the tracker field equals A then B, if it equals C then D. The plugin does A then B, but I can't figure out if there is a way to do the second part.


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If you're using a Pretty Tracker template, you can easily check the value of field in an IF...THEN statement:

{if $f_7 eq 'Yes'}

The value of field 7 is YES.


The value of field 7 is NO.


There's also theTRACKER IF plugin that you can use to test the value of a field.


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Thanks for the reply, but I'm still having trouble getting this to work.  The code you provided above works on the page load, but if I have a drop down menu that can be changed by the user, the result does not update.

I think it may be possible to get o work with some Java, but I'm not that strong with Java so I was looking for an alternative solution.    The tracker toggle option does exactly what I need, but I need to do a couple checks instead of just the one I can do with tracker toggle.